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Our solutions across industries foster innovation helping enterprises adapt to new realities of business and technology.


We provide corporate medical travel administration services. We have worked on developing programs that allow group health plans to seamlessly offer their members the choice of traveling to centers of excellence for certain types of medical treatment.


We have simplified supply chain management process by sending RFQs to multiple suppliers and comparing each, tracked finances and also inventory updates. We also maintained counterpart ledgers, avoid errors, and simplify periodic bank reconciliations.


We provide solutions for large automotive players in market by enabling them with applications which would help them track the progress of each tasks . It also helps in finding information of Parts relatively fast from the CRM quickly on the floor itself.

Information Services

Dogra Technologies provides softwares and services in various information technology fields including and not limited to distributed, integrated and operational services.

Travel and Hospitality

Dogra Technologies fulfills a need for an agile IT partner who is focused helping you achieve your IT business objectives. A partner who understands the travel technology world will effectively keep you ahead of the curve.

Logistics and Distributions

Logistics and distribution management deals with organizing, storing and transporting products. Dogra Technologies provides with services which enables you to effectively manage the logistics and distributions.

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S.No:82, Dogra Niwas,
Parande Nagar, Dhanori,
Pune, Maharashtra, India


Phone: +91 (0) 922 6170 417 

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