Our Services

We thrive to deliver more than quality, value and commitment to our customers and partners.

Mobile Development

We understand the growth of mobile and touch interfaces and offer our capabilities to our customers. Whether it be native application, a cross platform or a hybrid model, we can help from designing the solution, architecting it and delivering by developing with best quality.

Enterprise Development

We help organizations in integrating applications that would enable to capture, manage, save and analyze data critical to their service business performance. We provide services including development, testing and maintenance of such process and data.

Quality and Testing

Nothing is important than seeing client happy with end quality of the service it received. Our constant effort for providing quality work with numerous rounds of testing helps us to deliver high quality and bug free applications to our customers.

Glimpse of our work

Few work which we can showcase, while others are covered under our trust with customers and partners

Some web based applications

Our best work until now, more will be added soon...

Civitavecchia Cab Service

Civitavecchia Ground Transportation

The website facilitates user to book cab from different places in Rome and pay them as per metered service.

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Mix My Beard Oil

Mix My Beard Oil

For people who love their beard more than anything else ! This is to groom their beard with different kind of oils and a facility to mix two or more different oils together !

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Network and Golf Web

Network and Golf

If you wanted to grow your professional network, you can certainly use this website to register and play golf with people, get things discussed and make your business grow!

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Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

This website aims at users who are looking for fitness training for their own needs.

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Rome Cabs Booking

Rome Cabs Bookings

If you are in Rome and want to visit different tourist attraction and at an affordable rates, this is one of those sites which can help you out !

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Best Hospital Reviews

Best Hospital Reviews

This website aims at providing transparency to users by providing feedback about their experience in different hospitals. You can also read reviews based upon the feedback.

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I-Need Magento


If you would need certain items from some shop, you can order them online using this website. And to top of that the delivery will be done by person travelling at your end.

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Inner Ads


If you want to advertise and do not have anything as of now, this website will help you collect all data and materials require for one. Moreover, it will help you create a creative advertisement as well.

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SonerPran Analysis


This website helps in finding the personality of a person by asking them certain sets of questions. Based on the answers, the personality is calculated and displayed to end user.

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What they say about our services

We delivered what was asked for, they reciprocated as follows -

“Thank you for the wonderful job with great quality and in time! Would definitely work with you guys again!.”

Mattijs Wilms MUIS Software BV CTO

“The team at Dogra Technologies are upto mark. I am quite happy with the work they had done and delivering every promise made.”

Paul Alexander JiXler Creative Director

“It was nice working with Dogra Technologies for Silo. They have been very professional, sincere and trustworthy during and even after project.”

Mithun Baphana, Founder SiloLabs Inc Director